One of the main issues that many Spanish learners face is not understanding when someone speaks to them. Listening comprehension is a struggle for many; you’re not alone! Have you ever thought to yourself “How can I understand? They speak SO fast!” While it’s true that Spanish does sound fast to the untrained ear, it starts to sound slower when your brain understands the words and processes them as such. However, to do this you need a combination of familiarity with the sounds, the grammar, the vocabulary and the context. Use the following approach to train your brain and your ear to more easily understand Spanish.

Paso por Paso

Paso Uno

Escucha el audio y NO mires el texto


Ve a la Hoja – Comprensión

Mark off your progress on the worksheet for every episode.

Paso Dos

Ve a la Hoja – Comprensión Escribe

Which cognates did you understand? (zero is fine!)

Paso Tres

Escucha y mira el texto

Try to make as strong a connection as possible between the way the word sounds and the way it looks

Paso Cuatro

Repite Paso Dos

Ve a la Hoja – Comprensión

Paso Cinco

Mira las traduccionesde las palabras

Paso Seis

Pon las palabras en Anki

Paso Siete

Estudia el vocabulario en Anki

Estudia la gramática

Estudia las estrategias: “Retrain your brain

Estudia la pronunciación

Paso Ocho

Escucha otra vez hasta que entiendas toda la versión más rápida sin mirar las palabras

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