While reading comprehension is often seen as an “easy” skill when learning Spanish. It can be underestimated in various ways. Students have a tendency to overestimate how well they understand the reading in front of them. When learning a language, reading material is extremely valuable because it provides a model that can be studied and used for many different learning purposes. By passively reading you can implicitly take in how a language puts words together into sentences and sentences into paragraphs. By focusing explicit attention you can learn to more fully comprehend what you read and what you hear, AND learn to do this yourself in writing and speaking. All of the language skills are interconnected and can and should be used to support one another. Use the following approach to train your brain to not only passively absorb the language but go more deeply into the inner-workings to easily understand more and more complex readings in Spanish.

Do the reading, listening, speaking and then writing for each episode in this order.

Pro tip: Count all of your mini successes along the way!

Paso por Paso

Paso Uno

Mira y estudia las traducciones del texto


Paso Dos

Lee el texto en español

The link takes you to the first episode, follow the same process for each one

Paso Tres

Lee y escucha el texto

Try to make as strong a connection as possible between the way the word looks and the way it sounds Try to read it to yourself the way it sounds

Paso Cuatro

Ve a la Hoja – Lectura y escribe todas las palabras que te acuerdas de memoria

Paso Cinco

Mira las traducciones otra vez

Paso Seis

Pon las palabras en Anki

Paso Siete

Estudia el vocabulario en Anki

Estudia la gramática

Estudia las estrategias: “Retrain your brain

Paso Ocho

Lee otra vez hasta que entiendas el texto sin mirar las traducciones

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